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Hair Restoration

Multi Therapeutic Approach to Hair Loss

Takara Nicole is a master stylist and certified trichologist with over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry and five years in hair and scalp issues. In hair restorations she uses a multi therapeutic approach with a concentration on holistic treatment. Our mission is to help you achieve your treatment goals, using safe, holistic therapy, herbal therapy, nutritional guidance, and support. 


 Hair restoration is not a one size fits all and it is tailored to the needs and the root cause of each client. We work alongside doctors, dermatologist, and specialist to give you the best options and treatments to restore the crown. There are multiple steps we take in the process starting with the proper assessment of the hair and scalp to see where you start and where you desire to be. 


Restored Crown Hair Restoration is all about elevating self-esteem and confidence! Our clinic is unique because we offer multiple solutions for those that suffer with hair loss. We will assess each individual client to determine if regrowth is achievable, then we work towards a solution, whether it is a custom treatment plan or a custom hair system or a combination of both.

Call to schedule your personal and private consultation today! Experience what a different we can make in the lives of someone suffering from hair loss.


Our Plans Include

* Custom tropical products.

* Supplements.

 * Custom scalp detox.

 * Extractions on the scalp.

* Infusions on the scalp.

* Low laser therapy.

* Scalp Massage.

  * Steam treatments

 * Nutritional Plans

* Stem Cell treatment


Our plans are customized and based on the needs of the clients.

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