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Takara Nicole

Clinical Trichologist

Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Non- Surgical Hair Replacement Specialist

Business Coach

Takara Nicole is the CEO and founder of Restored Crown Collection and Restored Crown Hair Restoration and Wellness Clinic. She has strategically formulated her own hair products because of the demand from her clients to use exactly when she uses in the salon. She is the author of the book, “Breaking Unhealthy Hair Habits” a guide that was created to give you the knowledge on how to maintain healthy hair.

 She is a Master stylist and owner of The Healthy Hair Studio located in Richmond Hill, Georgia. She is a Triple Board-Certified Trichologist, Board- Certified Hair Loss Practitioner, Holistic Practitioner of Trichology, Hair and Scalp Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness coach, and a Tricare Network Provider and VA.  

Takara specializes in HEALTHY hair care, hair restoration, hair and scalp treatments, natural hair and relaxed hair. She teaches her clients how to maintain their hair and how to find the proper hair care regimen. Takara has been a beauty professional over fifteen years. She is passionate about her craft and teaching woman how to embrace and maintain their natural hair.  

She is known as the Healthy Hair Coach and her motto:

“Let me coach you through your journey to healthy hair "


Healthy Hair Coach

Our Story

The Restored Crown Collection is designed for all. Our vision is for individuals of diverse backgrounds and hair types to have access to natural, premium-quality hair care that nurtures their unique needs. We are committed to providing the world with hair care products that are created with the purest, most natural ingredients.Our vision is to be a source of nourishment for both hair and soul.

Our vision extends to education, guiding individuals on their journey to embracing natural hair care. We aim to empower them with knowledge and resources to make informed choices about their hair care routines, promoting healthy and vibrant hair. We pledge to never test our products on animals and to maintain a cruelty-free approach. Our vision is to contribute to a future where ethical practices in the beauty industry are the standard, not the exception.

 Our mission is to make the Restored Crown Collection Hair Care line a symbol of authenticity, integrity, and conscious living, guiding people on a journey towards a more beautiful and sustainable world. We aim to empower people to embrace their authentic selves, free from the constraints of artificial beauty standards

 In pursuit of this vision, we aim to redefine the beauty landscape, making the Restored Crown Collection an emblem of authenticity, environmental responsibility, and self-empowerment. We see our products gracing the shelves of homes around the world, inspiring individuals to embrace their natural beauty and radiate confidence with every strand of hair.

To learn more about Takara Nicole and her hair restoration clinic and coaching follow on Instagram or purchase her best-selling book: “Breaking Unhealthy Hair Habits”

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